StreetBriefs is more than just a financial news & data sites. We employ advanced logic and Artificial Intelligence equations to assist in the processing of the most important news stories of the day.  What you see on StreetBriefs today will be the hot stories tomorrow.

Its starts by having access to the best quality data directly from the source. We compile these feeds at our datacenter and employ thousands of equations to create a highly effective news flow. Our goal is to produce a finite amount of data that yields profitable trading opportunities.  What matters most is the strength of the research you have access to. The most relevant research is found within a company’s press releases, their SEC filings, from discussions of a firms meeting with brokers and presentations that have occurred within the quarter.  The StreetBriefs database was designed for hedge funds who require access to unique data that is not widely known. Our data is highly accurate data and significantly more valuable than what is available on public access sites.

StreetBriefs employs algorithms and data equations on company releases and research. We employ keywords /phrase searches to find relevant information. Data results are inserted into our rule-based model to find trading opportunities. With a strategy like this, the success rate increases dramaticall.

Our earnings alerts is an example of a highly effective alert. We calculate hundreds of data points of every firm’s financial results ahead of their earnings release. Prior to an earnings announcement, we know what to expect, how much a stock is likely to move and the direction a stock is likely to have. Earnings announcements happen every week. Profiting from corporate earnings releases requires access to highly expensive data. StreetBriefs has built a massive database of financial data on the equites and price and volume data. Access to this data is only available through our NewsBreaker application.

 The Streatbriefs team has been working together for over 25 years. Our work on algorithms and trading equations is unequaled.